Burn Rubber, Not Cash.

Have you been dragging your feet about buying a new car? Would you be surprised to learn that now is the best time to get financing? Those things that are holding you back aren't really problems after all.


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About Us

Car Loan Pro was born out of the desire to simplify the often confusing and ever frustrating process of auto financing. Have you ever wondered why there seems to be so much mystery around shopping for a car loan? Doesn't the process just seem a little too complicated?

Have you ever wondered if the lenders wanted the process to be confusing, so they could get away with quoting higher rates?

The next natural question is "How would this process go if I had a friend on the inside?" And that, in essence, is what we're all about. We've made friends in this industry, and we are here to share our connections with you. Because we have formed such strong bonds with loan advisors, we can be confident that our customers will become their new friends. It's their job to find you the best rate and to navigate this process for you.

We are committed to connecting you with the most qualified loan officer to handle your specific situation. He or she will be someone in your local area, so not only are they new friends, but they're also neighbors. And your loan officer will work with you to expedite the process (if that's what you want) and make sure you drive away happy.

The process all begins with you giving us some simple information. That information is encrypted as it is sent from us to your new loan officer. This means that your details will remain secure.

After all, we strive to deliver a hassle-free experience from start to finish, and we do everything within our control to make sure that happens.